Why you must read blogs ?

If you want to read  about your  interest areas (and not general news), this post is meant for you.

Have been wanting to talk about it for quite some time now. I started reading blogs around 3 months back and I realized in this short time that this way of consuming information, gyan as well experiences is the easiest and fastest. If you are already reading this, I know you don’t probably need this but still here is a quick list on why I read blogs:

Get expert perspectives and opinions.

  • Very few field experts actually get covered by journalists in news papers, magazines. Its not about on-line vs offline, but blogs vs everything else.
  • The frequency at which an expert talks in his own blog is much higher than any other media.

Get to know latest studies, discoveries, inventions, important personalities in the interest area.

  • This one is obvious. At the same time, this may be as good as other online media.

Get an opportunity to directly interact with the blog author especially in context of the blog.

  • This is not always the case, at the same time such opportunities are rare otherwise. Also, in-case of a blog the context is already defined, so it becomes much easier to interact and be precise as well as concise.

Its Free

  • I love this one. You dont have to pay $$ for magazines, articles, journals, reports. In some cases, you may want to spend the money but un-less you are that serious about your interest and you are willing to spend, blogs come in really handy.

Informal and un-adulterated.

  • This makes it much easier for you to relate to and get the exact feelings, opinions the expert may wants to express.

Very easily accessible.

  • Open your google reader or any other css reader and thats it.
  • You may also like to have mail subscription so that you get the content into your mailbox which you can access offline as well.
  • There are wonderful apps for mobile devices as well, which allow zooming-in, text flow-ability and offline access.

Very low time investment.

  • It takes me about 5-15 minutes to scan through a blog post and the return on this investment is very high most of the times.

Very easily manageable

  • You can keep track of “toRead” and “already read” posts through your css reader, mailbox and other online tools as well.  Compare this to offline-media and there is no way to do this except writing down your own notes in a notepad, which sucks big time. I tried maintaining a list of offline print media articles I wanted to read and it just did not work on a regular basis. In a very short time, I lost track and stopped doing the housekeeping just because it was so hard and took so much care and diligence from my side.

6 thoughts on “Why you must read blogs ?

  1. Yeah..it took 5 mintues to scan this blog and im sure its useful and urge me to follow the blog 😉

  2. The best thing i like about blogs is its very very specific to the topic and at the same time descriptive. The thing i most hate is how some people don’t date their blogs, i mean its definitely a great blog but probably it has become irrelevant after a particular time. nice blog Pankaj.

    1. Thanks for the comment and the feedback Tinku! Yeah, I have seen the same happening many times. Many blogs become out-dated, irrelevant after a point in time and then the reader have no idea on whats relevant vs not. This is a disadvantage with blogs. But there are ways to get around it. I ll write about that in my future post on “how to read blogs 🙂 ” . Hope that ll answer this concern of ours.
      – Pankaj

  3. Interesting article .. I’ve a few reservations about it similar to our discussion on SIM & the need to moderate it. It can be difficult for a novice to identify what is correct guidance vs. incorrect opinion. Hence, I’m a big fan of forums more than blogs. Though, apart from the binary kind of info (right or wrong), blogs are great for controversies & philosophies .. 🙂

    I expect some interesting comments to come my way on the above.

    1. Hey Kartar, thanks for the comment and your feedback. Since it is very easy for anyone to blog, it comes with the obvious side-effect – there is hardly any quality control !

      This is exactly the problem you have mentioned – you would never know whats right vs wrong from the face of the blog. You are right about the philosophies part.

      So if you are looking on how to make calendar sync work on iPad, forums are best. But if you are looking for best practices, expert opinions on how project management should be done under different situations,lets say, blogs are the way to go. Now here as well the same problem of quality would creep in, but its much easier to get rid of those by following only the “experts” in your “interest areas”.

      I ll be talking about the nuances of blogs and the way to get around them in my future post on “how to read blogs”. Hope that would address some of our concerns.

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