Three things that make an Employee a Superstar


First of all, apologize for the long hibernation. Have no solid excuse for the long absence apart from the lame reason  of having ‘a busy personal situation’ 😉 . Now getting back to the topic; I have been thinking about it for quite sometime.  This post is for managers who want to find potential superstars ( within the team or from outside) as well as for employees who want to become superstars.


I have worked with and seen a lot of people. A lot of people grow like anything. A lot of people who do not grow in spite of being extremely capable. A lot of people being stuck where they are in spite of having a rock solid ownership.

And so far the following is what I have come to realize.

  1. First and foremost – Ownership.  I could not find a better word which covers a lot of aspects like commitment, going beyond the areas of your direct responsibility just because you feel that a particular project/product/ is ‘owned’ by you. In a nutshell – this is something that makes an individual act like his employer is a company owned/run by him. Like his company is his very own venture. Like every penny spent by the company is going from his own pocket. Like every un-happy employee  in his team is a potential attrition risk for his company and he should do something to fix that.
  2. Values: (Sigh!) Another big fuzzy umbrella term !  This is something that makes an employee honest. That makes him a good person in general. That makes him respect his colleagues. That makes him loyal to his employer. Mostly importantly – that makes him value collective good more than individual good.
  3. Core Competencies / Capability: This is the most obvious one. But the most obvious things are the hardest to understand.  There are many scenarios in which individuals put their heart and soul into areas which are not their core job responsibilities and do really well in those areas. But unless he/she is really solid in the core competencies of the job, its very hard for him/her to be called a superstar.  Its hard to realize what wonders one could do if he /she gets the basics right.

This is no wisdom guide but just my own personal opinion.Please do share your  thoughts in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Three things that make an Employee a Superstar

  1. Super “like” it.. Adding my thought.

    * Develop your team and peers.
    * Own your mistakes and share your credit (Part of leadership)
    * Have a good sense of humor.
    * Respect your word. This makes people count on you and rely on you.
    * Never get satisfied. Always be hungry and in hussle to make yourself/your-work better.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lalit ! I guess the first 2 and the 4th point do get covered to some extent under ownership and values, but points 3 and 5 are definitely great personality traits to have.

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