10 Productivity Booster Tips (For IT Users)

1. Bookmark aggressive &  sync across devices, browsers.  I create bookmark folders on my bookmark bar(below the address bar) for the different roles I play + different use-cases within the same role.  Also, I use xmarks for the sync – its magical.

2. Direct Search from browser address bar.

This is true-ly magical. If you havent tried it yet – try this right now on Google Chrome. Step 1) Go to http://www.youtube.com/ 2) right click on the search bar and click on the “add as a search engine” 3)  Use ‘u’ in the keyword field of the search engine.  4) open a new tab and type “u magic” in the address bar and hit enter to see that google Chrome searches for magic on youtube.com directly.

3.  FAST and minimal feature email client (mail categorization/labelling + search).  If you are a heavy email user, then you better go for a real fast email client. ( I personally prefer the browser based interface)

4.  Email, calendar sync on phone. This one is a no-brainer, one can literally scan through & respond to a lot of emails via phone saving you precious minutes when you are on your PC. Also, the calendar sync helps keep track of the meetings and check your own availability when you are away from PC.

5.  Mobile-PC Notes sync. Again, this one again is a life-saver. I make notes aggressively about almost everything. The ability to access them anywhere through your mobile can be a huge productivity booster.  ( I use evernote for this)

6.. A TODO management Tool (and not just a plan text file) with PC-Mobile Sync.  TODO mgmt can become really tough with multiple roles, multiple priorities. I have been using http://www.rememberthemilk.com which was pretty good till recently when it started having  huge down times.  Looking for another more reliable tool now..

7. Use mouse with your laptop.  Not sure but why many people don’t realize how much they can benefit from that small little device.

8.  A FAST and STABLE  Browser (Google Chrome). No brainer again! Use Google Chrome and you would see the difference.

9.  Customize your computer for performance (so that it never hangs or responds slowly).  I use windows on my PC and there is a setting one can do on the control panel using “adjust the appearance & performance of Windows” – ” adjust for best performance”. Try this out! You can customize the appearance to pick and choose the high ROI options like “use visual styles for buttons and windows” and have everything else un-checked.

10. Maintain a scratch pad to save important commands, locations, ids, request dumps, credentials etc.  And not to mention, sync the scratch pad notes with your mobile.

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