10 More Productivity Booster Tips (For IT users)

This is in continuation to my last post on the productivity tips.

11. Quick Launch/ Single click application launch – (Not using Desktop at all). This is specific to windows users.  Right click on the taskbar and add a toolbar – “Quick Launch”- If you use windows XP  / “desktop” if you use windows 7.  This way you can access all the links on ur desktop through ur taskbar. For this to work, you may create a folder on ur desktop and call it “dump desktop” which can keep all your random downloads /folders there if you like.

12. Avoid mulitple browser windows, use tabs.  Simply because u can create(Ctrl +T) and destroy(Ctrl + W)  them much more easily.

13.  If you dont have network connectivity problem, keep all your docs online ( with google docs).  So that you can access them from  anywhere and you dont have to back them up on a timely basis. Also, google docs provides you a version history & collaboration benefits.  Another factor is that browser based google doc opens / renders much faster than a Microsoft word doc. To Top it all, google docs work really well on mobile!

14.  Use Keyboard shortcuts on your browser / email client / coding client.  It was almost un-believable to me how much I could do with eclipse keyboard shortcuts! Key board shortcuts can do wonders for you, find them and learn them.

15. Create filters / rules in your email client so that only the most important emails come into your inbox and they dont get missed because of other less important and almost spam like emails.

16. Use mulitple Browsers for different users log-in at the same time – typically when u want to test something ( or say you want to login to multiple gmail accounts at the same time ) . Or you could use the private browsing mode of the same browser as well!

17. Use hosted wikis,  documents  to share re-usable information instead of emails.  Even a simple thing like a newsletter can be put up on a wiki / blog apart from being in the email so that one can share / access it later through the blog. Emails are not designed to be knowledge bases but only to allow communication.  Even for use-cases like “the steps to do something-special” a wiki  / blog post works out best.

18. Block your calendar for your own tasks. This way you can get the time that you had planned for your own tasks, otherwise a free looking slot on your calendar may end up getting into a not-so-urgent-and-important meeting.

19. Hibernate your computer , don’t shutdown. This again is for windows users.  Shutdown and re-start takes a lot more time than hibernate.

20. Last but not the least –  Devote 30 mins every few weeks to think back in retrospect where were u too slow and how u could have changed a process / tool to save time.

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