Why stinker email ?

Do you know ? If yes, then feel free to skip the article and directly jump to the comments section and add your thoughts there. I really want to find an answer.

For the rest of the article, I am just going to express some of my thoughts on this subject which may or may not be coherent.

Lets first understand why email ? 

So that we can communicate. When we don’t need the addressee to respond immediately. When we don’t want to (or  not in a situation to ) give the addressee a phone call or use instant messaging or talk face to face.  Also, when we want a communication recorded in writing. Or save a bit of time so that you don’t have to walk up  / call a person ?

Is that it ? Dear reader, please help me get more. If you have other thoughts in mind – jump to the comments section right away and share your thoughts.

Ok, now lets look at the limitations of an email – 

  1. Emails cant carry your facial and voice expressions.
  2. Emails do not give the other person a chance to clarify immediately and fix the confusion / mis-conception / doubt right away.  Once sent, the damage is done.
  3. Emails get recorded. You ll be shown your stinker email at the time of your appraisal.
  4. Human mind tends to read a slightly positive and slightly negative message as only negative (or worse highly negative)


Thats all I had. Also, here is an interesting perspective.

Please do help me out with your comments.


2 thoughts on “Why stinker email ?

  1. this is what i do – if u really want to send a stinker email, draft it but don’t send it right away. review it the next day and you would see that 9 out of 10 times, u’d delete it.

  2. Rightly asked, why of all send an email, which has high probability of getting misunderstood. If written with bitter feelings can do potential damage to your own career. May not serve the root objective of solving the issue at all, as feelings and reactions may supersede the true reasoning.

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