Paytm – you are awesome !

Dear Paytm,
I have been using your service for a year now I think (and have roughly made 50 odd recharges through your site / app).
Not just that, I think I have recommended your services to many many of my friends. The best thing I like about you is that it takes about 20 seconds for me to do a recharge. THAT was great !

BUT then sometime back you had some outages (you were probably doing some back-end upgrades) and I had some trouble recharging.
But I wasn’t worried ( everybody goes through a rough phase I thought)  and  kept coming back & kept trying to recharge. I was somehow sure that my money was safe with you.

AND THEN, I saw the “We r sorry” email you sent me (at the bottom). I just loved it. I loved your care, professionalism and humility ! 
I forwarded this mail to a few  friends of mine (they liked it too. I showed it to a colleague of mine & told him the outage story.  He too was impressed.

I had not written a  post in a while but you forced me to 🙂  You WOWed me & taught me a lesson on treating your customers well!

Thank you !
The email I got from you:

Hi there,

We introduced a change on our website last week (Refresh) and that didn’t go as smoothly as we had planned.

For the first three days, about half of our visitors had difficulty in recharging and about 5% of you experienced Cash refund related problems. Our software upgrade caused a large amount of unanticipated problems despite all of our planning.

Those problems are behind us now and throughout the past week our Care team has reached out to those of you who were affected and addressed your issues. We have solved these software issues and have been seamlessly handling all requests.

Throughout this glitch we have guaranteed that your money has remained safe – your trust in us is the most important thing to us. This was our primary goal.

If you are still facing any issues, do write in to with the subject line“Fast track”

On behalf of our entire team, I again extend a heartfelt sorry for the trouble we’ve caused you and invite you to give us a chance again. I am amazed to see how many of you love to use Fast Forward so in case you haven’t used it yet, please give it a try.

At your service,
On behalf of Team Paytm

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