Dont just solve, solve beautifully !

I have been thinking about it for quite sometime, but this tea-cup in the Indigo flight made me write it. Behold –


I told the air hostess to give me a very hot cup of tea.She confidently asked me to touch the pot. I did and gave my approval 🙂 The pot was pretty damn hot.
When she handed over the cup to me, I was shocked. The cup was just comfortably warm. There was a grooved cardboard wrapped around the paper cup.
And it was beautiful. I felt like taking it home to show it to my wife( she is very passionate about art and craft, let me tell you).

Created a wow (although momentary) feeling.

It had the indigo logo on it and a message on the bottom. The design of the cup pulled my attention from a business book i was reading( and I was totally immersed in the book) to this message ” the hottest drink on the coolest airline”.

Brand reinforcement.

I think I ve said enough.
Bottom line – When you solve for a problem( that may be just providing a comfortable cup to hold a hot drink), don’t just solve it, solve it beautifully. Create a wow feeling, make an impression ! Its your baby, Leave your signature on it :).

What say?

2 thoughts on “Dont just solve, solve beautifully !

  1. Makes perfect sense. One good thing I notice from all your posts is you have great interest in observing the surrounding and appreciating them. I still remember you saying “we should celebrate success and reward ourselves. Atleast with an icecream” while we were driving to SSB in Blr. Good luck.

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