Value of a good phone

Thinking whether you should go & buy that expensive ‘smart’ phone for yourself ?
Here is how I like to think about it ?
‘Smart’ phones are by nature devices that give you information and tools which you would not have had in your hands otherwise.
If you have a small and simple feature phone, you may still have been able to get the information if you have a computer at home/office/cyber-cafe.
if you do have the computer, then the phone is just making it more accessible. For me, thats a big deal, its saves me time. Allows me to give time to things which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.  Or wrap up things faster.
Here is some quick math which can potentially quantify that:
  1. Suppose your income is 100 rupees a month.
  2. That means your each day is worth 3.3 rupees.
  3. Suppose your phone saves you 15 minutes each day. And lasts 2 years.
  4. Thats a total of  15 x 30 x 12 x 2  = 10800 minutes in 2 years. Which is roughly 18 days saved (assuming a 10 hour day.)
  5. The value of your phone is worth 18 days of saved time. Thats #2 x #4  => 3.3 x 18  = ~60 rupees.
 60% of your monthly take home. Ballpark, but you get the idea.
PLUS – if the phone allows you to do things which were otherwise not possible, then you should think how valuable these things are to you. That may bring some objectivity too.

One thought on “Value of a good phone

  1. I save like 1 hour using the mobile. But I waste like 2-hours of productive time in things such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. Net net by your logic, i think the mobile company ought to pay me for owning the phone.

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