The only way to make 2 week Sprints Effective

(Context: I am talking about software development teams, who ship using agile methods)

There is only one way: Automation. Automate everything – tests, build, deployment, monitoring, failure notifications. Every kind of test.

I have been in various teams / products where we tried doing this and failed. But lately also part of team where we had accomplished this to a great extent.
Here are the usual symptoms of teams NOT able to accomplish this:
  1. There is a ‘code freeze’ and then there is a dedicated time span – about a week for the QA folks to test the coded new functionality. That means only one week’s worth of code is going to get shipped. Isnt that too little.
  2. Another one is that several bugs get introduced in during these rushed releases.
  3. The QA team is under immense pressure to ship within the given timeline.
  4. The initial part of the sprint is where QAs have lots of free bandwidth.
For a heavenly sprint Automate the builds / deploys and automate tests at various levels.
Unit tests, functionality / UATs test automation, automate code coverage measurement, automate look and feel testing, automate security and performance testing and setup rules that if any of these produce major failures – then fail the build and send a notification to the developers / whole team.
Comprehensive Automation keeps the quality bar really high. At the same time, the developers & testers have to be on their toes to be able to produce such a level Automation.
When this happens here is how a typical sprints looks like:
  1. Dev and QA are involved early on during the design / requirement understanding stage.
  2. The sprint deliverables are broken into small byte sized tasks. Most of which can be coded in less than a day / 2 days.
  3. As and when these tasks are coded, QA starts testing them ( including automating their tests).
  4. Towards the end of the sprint only a few ( say 2 ) tasks are still being coded which typically finish on the second last day.
  5. And there is this last day for testing to finish off stuff and devs to fix any bugs.
  6. Last day EOD – release !
So practically the ‘code freeze’ duration is just one day (or less). Heaven, isnt it  ?

Automation is an engineering team’s brahma-astra to achieve God speed.

May automation be with you ( may God be with you 🙂 ) !

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