Want to take your team/company to the moon ? Take this first step very seriously.

I am talking about companies that are anything bigger than slightly mature start-ups. Companies who have figured out the product/market fit & are in the Customer Creation/ Company building phase (Refer here and here). 640px-FullMoon2010
Here are a few questions to ask:
  1. Does you have organization have SMART Goals ?
  2. Do you have goals for your business units based on the overall organization goals ?
  3. Are these aligned with business strategy ?
  4. Do you then have goals for each function within the business unit ?
  5. Do these goals then percolate down to each employee / manager ?
  6. Is there anyone working in your organization whose SMART goals are not defined or are not aligned to the organization / business unit / function goals ?
You got to have SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) goals defined from top to the very bottom.
This is a time taking exercise. Its painful & it does not end with just defining goals. You have to track and meet those goals.
But if you want to make your company go where you want to take it – you GOT to do this. The only thing I will advise if you want to save a bit of time is to identify your core & to focus more on the core. For example, risk management for a financial company,  engineering team / practices for a technology company etc.


Doing something, taking steps and spending time and money without having a clear aim is going to serve you nothing but a false feeling of progress.


Its your baby. Make no compromise.

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