Do you know what brings you back to life ? If not, find it, you may need it someday.

This is a post about times when one is feeling low. Sometimes you are so low that you can’t even face your friends / family. You don’t want to.  Is there anything that has the power to bring you back ? Is there anything that gives you energy, that gives you a positive spirit.

(Thanks to mylilventure for the beautiful pic)
(Thanks to mylilventure for the beautiful pic)

As one grows in his  / her career / family, you become more and more lonely in your job/place in the family. There are not many you can share your pain/ trouble with.  Of course friends are always there, but do you have them nearby so as you can talk to them face to face ?  Not always.

This is when you are alone. This is the time your ‘savior’ would bring you back up.

For me, its music (playing, me a lot of energy, pumps life back into me). For some its dance, for some its watching movies, for some its meditation.

When nothing works, you can rely on this one.

If you don’t have one, go find it / create it !

And the ones who already have it,  do tell me about them 🙂

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