Book Recommendation: First Break All the Rules

This is a book on people management. I had tried reading this book about 4 years back, but stopped after the initial few chapters thinking that it was not relevant.  At that time I was in a managerial role and was trying to learn management desperately. At that time, I had a team which always obeyed what I said, there were rarely any objections, if there were any, I was able to convince my team members to take the direction I was showing.

3 years later I joined a team where I was in an indirect management role.  Zero direct control. My team members had no obligation to listen / follow anything I said.  In-fact this was the time first time that my team members were probably smarter / more assertive than me. Initially I found it hard to manage. There were 2 things that helped – this book and the concept of servant leadership ( will talk about this one on a separate post). I read the book again, and this time it made a LOT of sense !

It talks about how can one measure employee satisfaction / happiness. And then what should managers focus on. Difference between Talent, Knowledge and skill and then techniques for hiring and managing talent.

Highly recommended for all Managers ( direct or in-direct ) and HR people.  Especially for folks who are relatively new to people management & want to excel at it.

Go give it a shot !

( Also, do let me know if you have any recommendations on the topic).

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