Are you paying attention to the most important investment you ll ever make ?

I believe people are the most important assets of any company, great people can take companies to great heights. Lack of great people can seriously limit a company’s growth.

I also believe many leaders / companies realize this. But do they invest enough time in the hiring process ? What about you / your company ?

  • Do you  / folks in your company know exactly what all qualities / competencies you are looking for in a leader / manager you plan to hire ?

    (thanks to picgifs for the image)
    (thanks to picgifs for the image)
  • Do you know which one of the above are ‘must have’ (rejection criteria, base acceptance criteria) vs ‘nice-to-have’  ? These are not fancy bullet points in your JD, these are specific areas you would cover in the interview.
  • Do all your interviewers know about the ‘must-have’  and the ‘nice-to-have’ lists ?
  • Do all your interviewers know how to test for the must have qualities ? Are they sure that they can tell good answers from bad ones ? How are they so sure ?
  • Is your company rejecting candidates on the basis of lack of ‘knowledge’  ? lack of ‘skill’  ? or lack of ‘talent” ? ( Refer here for the difference I mean to highlight)
  • Do you know which one of the qualities you are looking for is a ‘talent’ vs ‘skill’ vs ‘knowledge’ ?
  • Do your interviewers know that knowledge can be acquired easily, skill too can be acquired with a bit of time and effort, but its extremely hard for folks to acquire talents ?

I mean to say, that your must-have list and interviewing should be focussed talent first, skill second and then knowledge third.  ( roughly 50% on talent, 30% on skill and 20% on knowledge) .

Lack of a specific knowledge should almost never be a criteria for rejection (.un-less the lack of knowledge in a particular area implies the lack of a specific talent which is a must have for your organization).

I have seen several organizations struggling with the inability to hire, especially leaders / managers, and one of the primary reasons have been rejecting candidates based on petty reasons. (I mean to say – the lack of knowledge of a particular area when that knowledge is not even mission critical to the company hiring that candidate). This is where interviewer ego also comes into picture. Be careful of that.

If your answer to the most of the questions above is ‘yes’ , you have very high chances of converting your candidates (And with a lot of confidence  ! 🙂 ).

Folks, who have a ‘no’ in most cases – you need to do something about it.

Would love to hear your experiences, comments.

2 thoughts on “Are you paying attention to the most important investment you ll ever make ?

  1. I just read Decker’s comment and it was really worth mentioning that “Put people in positions where they can leverage their talents. They will be more successful, productive, and happy.” This is something I applied on myself and also provided opportunity to others and saw drastic results. Most of the time companies evaluate performance whether in interview or in job based on skills and knowledge and loose the true assets – people (high talented people). I know one fact that if people with any skills/knowledge put in right role as per their talent and interest they can do wonders!!! Do not chase crowd rather chase your interest and you will succeed.

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