The Power of Mentors


Mentors have had an enormous positive impact on my life and the same can happen to you.

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Recently, I came to know about someone who wanted to move to a Product Management role. She had been wanting to do that for years, but not been able to. She got in touch with an experience product manager and asked him for guidance. They worked together to create a five month plan.  She followed the plan and the fifth month – “magic happens” 🙂 – she gets a Product Manager role in an organization which she wanted to join.

This, I think, is no big deal if you have got a good set of mentors and are willing to go an extra mile whenever needed 🙂

Easiest is to reach out to senior folks in your Organization, College Alumni, ex-colleagues / family etc. to find mentors.  But do keep in mind that you need to respect their time as well.

All the best, Happy mentee-ing 🙂 !