Turn off that fancy “Push” mail

With being “connected” becoming so easy we tend to get addicted to checking our emails on the phone as soon as a new mail arrives or every few mins to every hour (or in that order) even when we are not “at work”.

At a restaurant while having lunch with friends / family (or even alone), at dinner table at home, at the intermission of a movie, just before you go to sleep (and your wife trying to sleep by your side), just after you get up in the morning……

Keep work at office and not in your pocket or on your dinner table or worse….in your bedroom.
Do keep in mind that constant distractions like mails / calls / smses hamper your ability to concentrate, your peace of mind and drastically impact your productivity.
Turn that push mail / periodic fetch OFF.  Fetch mails manually only when you really need to.
Enjoy the warmth of your moments with family, friends, enjoy the morning sun and go  to bed with a satisfied smile for a day well spent.