Why don’t Cycle Rickshaws have gears ?

I am talking about manual cycle rickshaws, see the picture below:


The rickshaw pullers have a really tough time starting the rickshaw when its still, or pulling it up-hill ( even a 5-10 degree elevation). Its a solved problem, bi-cycles have gears for the same reason.

If you have gears, you switch to gear 1 or gear 2 and pulling it to gain some momentum becomes a peice of cake. The pullers who are not that physically strong can start pulling rickshaws as well as who are strong can pull for a longer duration and will not get tired quickly.

This way they would potentially can stay healthier & can potentially make more money.

Also, the cost involved in getting the gears installed would not be more than 10% -15% of the original cost.

Dear Rickshaw making companies – are you listening ?

Dear Indian Government – are you listening ?

The Ideal 3G data card (internet dongle)

My ideal 3G data card would be the one which uses its base network provider in areas where that provider has 3G coverage, otherwise falls back on secondary or tertiary providers which have 3G coverage in that particular area.

(too many cards?)
(too many cards?)

I think this already happens for cellular network which helps us make phone calls.

Here is an example:
– I am an NCR/ Delhi resident.
– I buy a reliance dongle which uses reliance coverage in NCR.
– I go to Shimla, Reliance 3g has coverage there so my dongle continues to use reliance 3g data services.
– I go to Goa, reliance does not have 3G coverage there & thus the dongle automatically starts using vodafone 3G services.

That way, as a consumer I can continue to use 3G in much more of our country than just a select few areas. Consumer Wins!!
(As of today every operator has different and only a few regions covered:( )

That way, the consumer continues using AND Paying money for 3G services wherever he goes.  The provider industry as a whole makes more money.
The industry wins!!

Each individual enterprise continue to have its competitive edge by managing customer service/speed/ pricing/ plans etc.
Individual operators win !!

Extend the same to international roaming, extend it further to data access on phones / tablets?

Dear Vodafone, Reliance, Airtel, Idea and other providers of our country. Can you help ?

I love the reliance contracted iPhone 5S/5C scheme

The biggest reason is that it makes the amazing peice of technology & design, one of the best smartphones in the market available to a LOT MORE people than would have been possible otherwise.Check this out.

Impact to the Indian Consumer:

  1. They have access to one of the best smartphones and a million apps in the App Store. Thats a lot of power in the hands of people of our country, enabling them for their businesses and a productive life.
  2. They would be able to get a taste of what it means to use a high end piece of technology. This would inspire them, motivate them, it would make them think & do wonderful things in India. Things like square (https://squareup.com/) were viable in the US because of a strong penetration of smart phones. ( and I am talking about high end, reliable smart phones which could be used to take payments)

Impact to Apple:

  1. Lot more sales in India.
  2. Lot more people using  / starting to use the Apple eco-system.  They would know what it feels like using Apple would probably make them  buy more Apple devices in future.

Impact to the Indian Developer / Tech Community:

  1. More people using iOS means a bigger market base for Apps focussed on the Indian Market.

Impact to Reliance

  1. More contracted users. Fixed income for 2 years 🙂

Although, there are some downsides like a consumer getting locked with reliance for 2 yrs, like iPhone not anymore being the costliest, hardest to afford phone in the market and thus reducing the ‘show off’ factor associated with it, to me it still seems like an overall win for everyone involved 🙂

Thank you Apple, Reliance!